BIG Times

"...We managed the airway, sealed the chest wound, decompressed the chest with a 14g needle and rapidly gained IO access with the BIG in the tibial tuberosity. I aspirated bone marrow, flushed with saline and started fluid administration. ..."
C I Gibson


"...I put the BIG, I hooked up IV bag connected to an IV set and it worked! The procedure took me about 60 seconds. I then move the patient to the evacuation vehicle. The paramedic that treated the patient during the evacuation stated later that the IO route is what kept the patient alive when arrived to the hospital..."
Y. Lawental
Magen David Adom


"With the BIG System I know that our patients will receive ideal care and our crews will feel comfortable using the system..."
Jim Wilson
EMS Cheif

Plant City Fire Rescue, USA



"I wanted to let you know that I got to use the B.I.G. yesterday and WOW did it work great..."
Stacey Lawson
Flight Nurse,
Classic Lifeguard
Indiana, USA



“…After several tries to gain IV access, we decided to use the B.I.G. and gained IO access on the first try and were able to restore a pulse after injecting fluids and medication rapidly into the patient…”
Amit Zahavi
Magen David Adom
Modi'in, Israel



“…Used the B.I.G. in one attempt and managed to replace volume immediately with pump assist. Vitals stabilized to normal range and color, back to pink, in less than 5 minutes of rapid infusion…”
Dr Ahmad Khaldun Ismail
National University Hospital
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



“…In the past month, I have used the B.I.G. on five different patients, some critical and others without vitals. In the five times I have used this product, I have not had any problems at all…”
Jack Taxis, RN, BSN, TNS, PHRN,
EMS Coordinator
Rush Copley Medical Center
Aurora, IL



“…Since the introduction of the Bone Injection Gun six months ago, we have used it 25 times with great success…”
Bastiaan M Gerritse,
Anesthetist / Chief Medical Doctor
Lifeliner 3
University Hospital St Radboud
The Netherlands



"...The introduction of the Bone Injecting Gun (BIG) to the East Midlands Ambulance Service has started to change our perceptions. We are using both Adult and Pediatric devices...."
J. M. Ellis BSc. SRPara. Cert Ed.
MICD, Senior Clinical Tutor
East Midlands Ambulance Service



"...the B.I.G. was used successfully during a full arrest..." Cheryl Medina,
Clinical Manager/Paramedic
Stat Care E.M.S

Beaumont, Texas



“…The B.I.G. allowed us to establish a life-saving route for medication. It was easy to use and only took a few seconds…”

Daryl Vandenbos,

Xenia Fire Division
Xenia, Ohio



“…an awesome product that gives us rapid access to patients’ circulatory system with a high level of confidence…”
Steve Gill
Flight Medic/Equipment Officer

Life star of kansas
Topeka, Kansas

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